Frequency Input Indicator/Totalizer DigiTec 3870

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6-Digit Frequency Input Indicator/Totalizer with Optional Outputs
DigiTec 3870 frequency input indicator/totalizer provides fast, accurate measurements even with very low pulse rate inputs (as low as one pulse per 100 seconds). All pulse or frequency inputs are easily displayed as rate. Easy setup with no programming or calculations required. Setup entries include time base, scale, offset and K factor.

DigiTec 3870 frequency input indicator/totalizerfeatures a 6-digit totalizer mode that can be independently scaled and displayed. The totalizer mode can accumulate totals for units or events (i.e. gallons, revolutions, pounds, etc.) since power-up or last reset.

DigiTec 3870 frequency input indicator/totalizer includes a selectable preset value and optional open collector output. A 16-point linearization is a standard feature. The 3870 is equipped with a NEMA 4X front cover and an anodized aluminum case.

DigiTec 3870 frequency input indicator/totalizer comes standard with (1) Form A relay 240 VAC @ 1A that can be used as an alarm output.

Digitec 3870 Brochure

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