Lamerholm Electronics

1550 Kingston Rd. #1116
Pickering, ON
L1V 6W9
TEL: 1 800 809 7167 CDA/USA
Load Cells/Transducers
Pressure Sensors
Torquemeter/Torque Sensor
Vibration/Shock Monitors
Lamerholm Electronics


The VP50/1 is a piezo accelerometer specifically designed for knock sensing in automotive control systems.
The VP7 provides a low cost piezo accelerometer option for OEM installation. Designed to work with low noise high impedance amplifiers in applications where analysis or an indication of very low levels of vibration is required.
Electronic Tri-Axial Recorders
RD298 ShockLogT Recorder
RD298 HPT Sensor (Humidity Pressure & Temperature)
RD317 Micro ShockLogT Recorder
Software for - RD298 and RD317 (Released)
Software V6.0 September 7th 2001 7.3mb ShockLogV6.EXE
Products Under Development
Dual Axis Intelligent Accelerometer RD300
Piezo Electric Accelerometer With Built In Amplifier RD279
Piezo Electric Accelerometer With Built In Amplifiers And Filters - RD185W
Piezo Electric Accelerometer VP73
Combined Tri-Axial Rate Gyro And Tri-Axial DC Accelerometer VP21
Low Frequency Tri-Axial Accelerometer VP20
Piezo Electric Accelerometer With Built In Low Noise Amplifier VP15

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