Remote RS232 Indicator DigiTec 3980

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DigiTec 3980 Remote RS232 Indicator

With front panel scaling and offset, analog outputs, relays, transducer excitation, and other options, the model 3980 is truly an intelligent remote display. Using RS232 serial input the 3980 remote RS232 indicator offers unmatched application flexibility.

The 3980 remote RS232 indicator offers an option of setting a 6-digit window to look within a data stream. This window allows the extraction or parsing of data within a data stream.

  • Remote Display for all 3800/3900 models with the "T" option (Serial Output)
  • Display with Serial to Analog Output Converter
  • Numeric Display for PC/PLC serial output with alarm relay capability
  • Scale and Offset raw serial data and display as intelligent information
  • Extract 6-digit numeric data from within a data stream
  • Displays direct input from digital transmitters

Digitec 3980 Brochure

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