Signal Conditioning Instrument for LVDT's

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Signal Conditioning Instrument for LVDT's  

Signal Conditioning Instrument For LVDT's 

S. Himmelstein and Company announced the new Models 704 and 744 LVDT Conditioner/Controller. These full featured instruments handle one, Model 704, or two, Model 744, LVDT (displacement) transducers. They measure displacement, runout, diameter, concentricity, thickness, taper, perpendicularity etc. without additional hardware or user programming.

A two line alphanumeric backlit LCD displays any two selected channels or one channel with either limit or I/O status. Data display is full 6 digits with 0.01% resolution. 5 character engineering unit legends are user programmable for all channels. Data sample rate and max/min update rate is 2,000 Hz/channel. Limit checking is performed at 1,000 Hz. Transducer calibration is automatic, requiring no manual adjustments. Five (5) transducer excitation frequencies are user selectable from 2.5kHz to 10kHz. System setup is through the front panel keypad or remotely over the imbedded serial communications port. English language prompts guide the user through the setup. Setup information is stored to EEPROM, no batteries are used. Windows based software is included that displays, plots and saves real-time data as well as save and download test parameters.

Two analog outputs are available, autoscaled to 5 Vdc or 10 Vdc. The instrument includes a 7 pole Bessel Response Anti-aliasing filter and user selectable 4 Pole Bessel Response digital filters. Ten user assignable logic I/O and 47 built-in data analysis functions make possible many valuable test/control applications without additional hardware or software.


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