Torque/Angle & Force/Displacement Instrument Model 751

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Torque/Angle & Force/Displacement Instrument Model 751  
The NEW Model 751 Instrument is for measuring TORQUE vs ANGLE and/or FORCE vs DISPLACEMENT. The instrument excites and conditions signals from a strain gage transducer and a rotary or linear position encoder. Torque and force are sampled 2000 times per second. The angle/displacement response is 0.5 milliseconds. An embedded processor performs real time calculation of torsional stiffness and spring rate as well as logical operations. Limits, high speed maxima and minima acquisition, hold, tare and other signal processing functions are built-in.

Standard features include a 6 digit engineering unit display with legends and 0.01% resolution, a 16 bit analog-to digital converter and a 48 bit internal counter. The instrument can display both data channels, computed results, limit and I/O status.

Outputs include RS232/RS422/RS485 serial communication, and automatically scaled "5Volt and "10Volt analogs. The Model 751 is shipped with software that allows the user to setup and control all functions form a Windows-based PC. That software also has the ability to display, plot and save real time data.

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