Programmable Rate/Counter Meter DigiTec 8300

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DigiTec 8300 Programmable Rate/Counter Meter

DigiTec 8300 programmable rate/counter meter microprocessor based technology provides capabilities that far exceed ordinary rate/counter meters. All meters havethe following features:

  • 6-Digit high intensity blue green vacuum fluorescent display
  • Accepts virtually any form of pulse train, frequency or wave form
  • Input pulses are accumulated, processed and displayed
  • No calculation type setup for scale factors, K factors resolution, etc.
  • DC to 100kHz input range
  • 5 Volt sensitivity standard, 30mV peak optional
    (capacitor coupled optional)
  • Setup data permanently stored in nonvolatile memory
  • Programmable digital filter/debounce
  • Alarm setup features dual high and low setpoint with hysteresis
  • Internal crystal ensures precise measurements
  • +5 V and +15 VDC at 20mA excitation supplies
  • NEMA 12 sealed front panel
  • 1/8 DIN case (45mm x 92mm cutout)
  • Input and output connectors supplied
  • Dimensions:
    2"H x 3.83"W x 5.36"D
    (50.8H x 97.3W x 136.1D) mm

Digitec 8300 Brochure

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