Himmelstein MCRT 48000P Non-Contact
Shaft Horsepower/kW-h Torquemeters

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Himmelstein MCRT 48000P Non-Contact Shaft Horsepower/kW-h Torquemeters
MCRT Non-Contact Shaft Horsepower/kW-h Meters
        • 0.08% Accuracy
        • Output Analogs of Power, Torque, Speed and Energy (option)
        • Output Engineering Unit Data Via RS232C Port, PC Interface Software Included
        • Automatic Zero and Span, No Manual Adjustments
        • Bidirectional Operation Valid to Zero Speed
        • High Safety Margins - 200 and 400% Torque Overload Ratings
        • 14 Bit Accuracy Signal Processing
        • NIST Traceable, NVLAP* Accredited Dead Weight Calibration
        • Hardened to EMI From Adjustable Speed Drives
        • Remote, Bidirectional NIST Traceable* Calibration
        • Powered By A Single, Unregulated Reverse Polarity Protected Supply

    *NIST traceable calibration performed in our accredited laboratory (NVLAP Lab Code 100487-0).
    For details visit the accreditation link @ www.nist.gov.

We are pleased to announce our new MCRT® Shaft Horsepower/kW-h Meters. These robust, non-contact devices have full scale ranges from five to 76,000 horsepower and can accumulate virtually unlimited net energy. They output ±10V or ±5V analogs of power, torque, speed and energy (an option) as well as serial engineering unit data via a resident com port. Two accuracy grades are offered: 0.08% and 0.13%.

These new meters require no manual adjustments. Calibration values, null, scaling and units of measure are stored in nonvolatile memory and automatically loaded on power up. Internal signal processing is accurate to 14 bits. Fifty-one, user selectable units of measure are supported. Other features include hardening to EMI generated by IGBT-based adjustable speed drives, remote NIST traceable calibration, selectable signal filters and inclusion of PC interface software. The software displays and plots real time data, does X-Y plots, can be used to change units of measure, select signal filters, archive calibration history and more.

MCRT® Shaft Horsepower/kW-h Meters are made with both 200 and 400 percent torque overload ratings. Units are shipped with an NIST traceable calibration performed in our NVLAP accredited metrology laboratory (Lab Code 200487). Stainless steel shafts, splash proofing and permanent lubrication enhance performance and provide long, maintenance-free life. Both shaft and flanged models are available.

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