Micro ShockLog™ Shock Recorder Model RD317

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Micro ShockLog™ Shock Recorder Model RD317

The RD317 Micro ShockLog is a programmable, re usable electronic, tri-axial shock recorder designed specifically to help organisations reduce the cost of damage to goods whether in production, transit or storage.

Its compact, lightweight design, supported by a battery life of up to 9 months makes it ideally suited for routine monitoring of your products and the environment they encounter. More importantly it tells you when incorrect physical handling, poor quality packaging or inappropriate temperature and humidity control is likely to have damaged the quality of your product, your reputation and your cash flow.

The comprehensive Windows™ based software programme allows you to programme your own wake up and alarm levels as well as the frequency of data collection required. When a programmed impact, temperature and / or humidity level is exceeded a visual alarm will alert you as well as storing the data for future analysis.

Programming of the RD317 and subsequent data retrieval can be carried out quickly and efficiently through the use of the innovative iButton technology, which, by removing the need for localised laptop or PC, simplifies management of the monitoring process.

9 month life from
single AA battery

RD317 ShockLog provides you with

When where and how
Real time date stamping identifies when a shock has occurred. When combined with the axis of impact, a clear picture of the likely damaging event emerges allowing effective remedial action to be taken.

Arbitration evidence
ShockLog is vital for determining at what point during a journey damage may have occurred. As the information is clear, accurate and incontestable, it is invaluable in arbitration by avoiding unnecessary delays in apportioning responsibility.

Visible deterrent
The sheer presence of ShockLog acts as a clear indication that your products are being monitored. By involving your staff, carriers and customers in the monitoring programme, inappropriate handling or storage can be minimised.

Identifies staff training needs
Routine analysis of the ShockLog data will identify potentially damaging handling or storage situations before they become critical, allowing you to act accordingly.

Extends your quality image
Your in house or ISO quality programme can now extend beyond your despatch bay, whilst providing clear evidence to your customer of the care and commitment you have to them

RD317 starter kit

RD317 Starter Kit

Unit Options

  • R1 10g range
  • R2 100g range
  • F1 250Hz maximum frequency
  • F2 40Hz maximum frequency
  • H0 No humidity sensor
  • H1 Built in humidity sensor
Whether it's safe guarding temperature sensitive foodstuffs, delicate electronics, priceless works of art or other valuable consignments, our range of shock and environmental monitoring products should be a vital part of your consignment.

RD317 Technical Specifications
Download Sales Information or Technical data sheet for additional information


85 x 85 x50 mm
Weight : 0.3kg
Battery: 1 x 3.6V lithium thionyl chloride. Min 2.2 Ah
1 x 1.5V Alkaline size AA
Case Material: Aluminium and steel. IP67 rating with connector and cap fitted
Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +85 °C
Operating range options: 1Og and 100g
Wake up threshold (%of range) 10 - 95%
Alarm threshold (% of range) 10 - 95%

Wake up time:

1.5 mS

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