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Load Cells/Transducers
Pressure Sensors
Torquemeter/Torque Sensor
Vibration/Shock Monitors
 Shockwatch Products
For over 25 years, the mission of Shockwatch, a division of Media Recovery, has been to continue to be the world leader in providing our customers with damage prevention products and programs.

This commitment to service and product excellence is evident in the programs we design as well as the partners we secure.

Global support, global problem solving, and global solutions are why we want you to know us as Shockwatch – The Damage Prevention Specialists.

Shockswitch ID + DataRanger
The Shockswitch ID is a valuable resource for any company that wants to augment OSHA compliance regarding forklift operation and at the same time decrease damage to their equipment and facility.
Shockswitch RFID
Using state-of-the-art wireless technology, Shockswitch RFID is a real-time link between a lift truck in the plant and a PC in the office. Shockswitch RFID can transform how a company collects data to augment OSHA compliance regarding forklift operation while also monitoring damage to equipment and facility.
Shockswitch Series SC 1000
Shockswitch is a major step toward controlling forklift damage at your facilities. Shockswitch is an impact sensor that mounts easily on almost any material-handling vehicle. If the vehicle is bumped beyond the impact level you select, the Shockswitch will sound an internal audible alarm. Only a key can turn off the alarm and reset the unit.
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