Instronics Product Directory

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Load Cells/Transducers
Pressure Sensors
Torquemeter/Torque Sensor
Vibration/Shock Monitors
Instronics Product Directory

Instronics is proud to supply products from the following manufacturers:

  • ATC Digitec and Westcon Divisions
    ATC DigiTec and Westcon Divisions - Digital Panel Meters, PID Controllers, Temperature Controllers, Printers, Sensors, Totalizers

  • Futek
    Futek Sensors - Load Cells, Torque Sensor, Pressure Sensors, Strain Gauge.

  • Himmelestein
    Torquemeters, Torque Sensors, Torque Transducers from S. Himmelstein and Company.

  • Lamerholm Electronics
    Accelerometers, Tri-Axial Recorders, innovative development solutions to your sensor based problems, talk to the sensor experts at Lamerholm Electronics.

  • Migatron
    Migatron Ultrasonic Sensors, Remote Sensing Heads, Set Point Controllers.

  • Shockwatch
    Shockwatch Products - Shockswitch ID, Shockswitch RFID, Shockswitch SC 1000
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