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Himmelstein MCRT 79000V Dual Range

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Non-Contact Torquemeters Himmelstein MCRT 79000V Dual Range  
  • Replaces Multiple Torquemeters
  • Hardened to EMI From Adjustable Speed Drives
  • 10X Low Range Overload
  • NIST Traceable Remote Calibration
  • Robust, Ferrite-free Rotary Transformer
  • Calibration & Balance Free of Cable Effects

S. Himmelstein and Company announced the new MCRT 79000V Series Dual Range Torquemeters. These robust, non-contact torque sensors have two ranges with independent outputs. Overload ratings are 1,000 percent on the low range and 200 percent on the high range. Accuracy is 0.1% of full scale, traceable to NIST. New advances also make the MCRT 79000V insensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI) produced by variable frequency motor controls.

These new torquemeters accurately measure torque even if the ration of peak to average torque is high. Such conditions occur when starting and stopping high inertia loads, during torsional oscillations, and in diesel and single cylinder drivelines. Under these conditions, a conventional torquemeter must be oversized to avoid damage; a process which severely reduces accuracy. The dual range capability also saves time and money by eliminating the need to change torquemeters when production is switched between different products.

Dual 5 Volt outputs interface directly to the users PC/PLC controller or data acquisition system. A single, un-regulated dc supply (10.5 to 24 Volts) is required for power. Operation is bi-directional from stall to maximum speed. Other features include 15-5 PH stainless steel load bearing members, non-ferrite rotary transformer signal coupling, splash proofing and permanent lubrication. Full scale ratings cover the range from 40 to 4,000,000 lb-in (4.5 to 450,000 n-m). Both shaft and flanged styles are available.

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