DC Strain Gage Conditioners Himmelstein 708 & 788 Series

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DC Strain Gage Conditioners

Models 708 & 788 DC Strain Gage Conditioners
Model 728 Mechanical and Fluid Power Instrument

S. Himmelstein and Company announced three new Instruments for conditioning strain gage sensors. The Models 708, 788 and 728 acquire, condition, display and classify the output of strain gage load cells, pressure transducers, torquemeters and displacement transducers. Sensitivity is 1 to 4.5 millivolts/Volt. Calibration in engineering units can be dome from the keypad or, remotely via a comp port. The built-in mV/V calibrator has an absolute accuracy of 0.01%.

A Model 708 handles one and a Model 788 handles two strain gage load/force/pressure/displacement sensors. The Model 728 handles one strain gage sensor and one frequency input. When the strain gage sensor measures load (torque, head or drawbar force) and the frequency input measures rate (speed, flow or velocity), the Model 728 computes the mechanical or fluid power.

All models feature 2000 samples/second/channel, six digit engineering unit displays, limits, max/min capture, analog and digital outputs, real time calculations, logical operations, serial communication, and protected logic I/O's. They can also function as State Machines; used in that mode, complex, Event Driven Tests are readily implemented. Software is supplied that remotely controls instrument functions from a Windows based PC. It also displays, plots and saves real time data, does X-Y plots, and will save and download the instruments setup parameters.

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