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Flange To Square Drive Reaction Torque Sensors

Futek T5104 flange to square drive reaction torque sensors are designed for auditing torque measuring devises and fastener auditing tools.

Flange to square drive reaction torque sensors Futek T5104 are shown with 0.3 in-lb capacity. Other flange to square drive reaction torque sensors capacities are available 100 in-lb, 200 in-lb, 500 in-lb, 5 in-oz, 10 in-oz, 20 in-oz, 50 in-oz, 100 in-oz, 160 in-oz, 400 in-oz, 1000 in-oz, please contact us for details.

Futek offers other flange to sqauare drive reaction torque sensors please contact us for details:

T5410 - 1200 in-lb to 24000 in-lb depending on size of drive 1", 1/2" or 3/4"

  Capacity 0.3 in-lb - Contact Us for Other Capacities
  Material Aluminum
  Resistance 350 ohms
  Rated Output (R.O.) 1.5 mV/V nom.
  Safe Overload 150% of R.O.
  Excitation (VDC or VAC) 18 max., 10 test
  Bridge Resistance 350 ohms nom.
  Non-Linearity 0.2% of R.O.
  Hysteresis 0.2% of R.O.
  Nonrepeatability 0.05% of R.O.
  Creep 0.1% of Load
  Zero Balance 1% of R.O.
  Temp. Shift Zero 0.002% of R.O./F
  Temp. Shift Span 0.002% of R.O./F
  Compensated Temp. 60 to 160 F
  Operating Temp. -60 to 200 F

  *Actual level of accuracy
  depends on mounting


.Option Package

- Futek Standard -

Connector: 4 Pin Lemo Receptacle

T5104 Flange To Sq Drive Reaction Torque Sensor Wiring Code Diagram

clear.gif (43 bytes)


wbridge.gif (3283 bytes)

Wiring Code

  + Excitation Red
  + Sense

- -

  + Signal Green
  - Signal White
  - Sense - -
  - Excitation Black

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