Loop Powered Digital Indicator DigiTec Model 2080

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Loop Powered Digital Indicator From DigiTec

The DigiTec 2080 is a loop powered indicator that measures, displays and totalizes the current in a 4-20 mA circuit. Although the instrument is loop powered, it only produces <3.5 V drop allowing it to be used in series with almost any 4-20 mA application. Modular accessories enable the user to select the lowest cost configuration while retaining full interchangeability between instruments.

Backlighting is available as an option to improve readability when the DigiTec 2080 is a loop powered indicator is installed in a poorly illuminated area. Backlighting is powered by a separate external 24 VDC supply.

Optional high alarms provide two isolated open drain outputs which may be independently programmed with a high trip point. When an alarm is tripped, the alarm and current reading alternate on the indicator.

  • NEMA 4X Front Panel
  • 1/8 DIN Anodized Aluminum Case
  • Short Depth Case ( 2-1/4")
  • 2 Isolated Open Drain Alarm Outputs
  • Optional Display Backlight for Low-Lighting Applications
  • Square Root Extractions

Digitec 2080 Brochure

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