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Socket Extension Torque Sensors

Socket extension torque sensors are widely used in digitizing and verifying applied torque.

Futek T6010 socket extension torque sensor si sdhown with 25 in-lb capacity. For other capacities please contact us.

  Capacity 25 in-lb - Contact us For Other Capacities
  Material Aluminum
  Resistance 1000 ohms
  Rated Output (R.O.) 2 mV/V nom.
  Safe Overload 150% of R.O.
  Excitation (VDC or VAC) 18 max., 10 test
  Bridge Resistance 1000 ohms nom.
  Non-Linearity 0.2% of R.O.
  Hysteresis 0.2% of R.O.
  Nonrepeatability 0.1% of R.O.
  Creep 0.2% of Load
  Zero Balance 2% of R.O.
  Temp. Shift Zero 0.01% of R.O./F
  Temp. Shift Span 0.01% of R.O./F
  Compensated Temp. 60 to 160 F
  Operating Temp. -40 to 180 F

  *Actual level of accuracy
  depends on mounting


.Option Package

- Futek Standard -

Cable: 28 Awg 6 Conductor Retractile Pvc Cable (2 ft 0 in)

T6010 Socket Extension Torque Sensor Wiring Code Diagram

clear.gif (43 bytes)


wbridge.gif (3283 bytes)

Wiring Code

  + Excitation Red
  + Sense


  + Signal Green
  - Signal White
  - Sense Blue
  - Excitation Black

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