Himmelstein Signal Conditioners
And Smart Displays 61000 Series

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Himmelstein Signal Conditioners And Smart Displays 61000 Series

Himmelstein Signal Conditioners and Smart Displays 61000 Series provides top performance and the most desired features for transducer readout applications. Versatile and compact, they include stable, engineering unit displays with illuminated legend, limit checking, remote auto-zero and hold, balance and calibration circuitry and filtered analog outputs. When needed, we can furnish the transducer, readout, and cabling with NIST traceable calibration - an integrated system with single source responsibility.

The digital display is stable yet responsive to changing signal inputs. When very low frequency signal variations are present, the user may engage powerful low pass filters for additional display averaging and to eliminate vibratory signal errors. Accuracy is further enhanced by the use of ratiometric operation (not available on displayless units).

Himmelstein Signal Conditioners and Smart Displays 61000 Series instruments have true 1, 2, 5 scaling. Thus regardless of the transducer full scale, they have almost constant resolution and accuracy. Furthermore you won't find overrange is a high multiple of transducer full scale as is often the case with divider based systems. Moreover, you can use the built-in limit to alarm precisely at transducer full scale or any desired fraction.

Instruments that carry a DL suffix include the signal conditioning and calibration functions but omit the display, classification and other microprocessor controlled functions. They are intended for driving controllers and data acquisition or recording systems. These Signal Conditioners are characterized by exceptional stability and noise immunity, selectable Bessel response filters and, when applicable, bi-directional span adjustment and calibration. They are housed in a rugged metal cabinet with rubber feet, detachable line cord, MS transducer connector, power switch, fuse and power line filter.

Himmelstein Signal Conditioners And Smart Displays 61000 Series

Stable Engineering Unit Displays
True 1, 2, 5 Scaling
Illuminated Legend
High And Low Limit Checking With Alarms
Remote Auto-Zero And Hold
Filtered Analog Outputs
Ratiometric Operation
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