ATC DigiTec and Westcon Divisions

1550 Kingston Rd. #1116
Pickering, ON
L1V 6W9
TEL: 1 800 809 7167 CDA/USA
Load Cells/Transducers
Pressure Sensors
Torquemeter/Torque Sensor
Vibration/Shock Monitors
ATC DigiTec and Westcon Divisions


ATC DigiTec and Westcon Divisions
- Digital Panel Meters, PID Controllers,
Temperature Controllers, Printers, Sensors, Totalizers

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DigiTec PID Controllers
DigiTec PID Controllers
DigiTec Counters & Totalizers
3870 Frequency Input Totalizer
8300 Rate/Counter Meter
DigiTec Digital Panel Meters
Model 2800 Digital Panel Meter
Model D3100 Digital Panel Meter
Model D3200 Digital Panel Meter
Model D3300 Digital Panel Meter
Model D3400 Digital Panel Meter
Model D3600 Digital Panel Meter
Model D3700 Digital Panel Meter - Strain Gage Meters
Model D3820 Universal Process Display
Model D3900 Digital Panel Meter - Load Cell Indicator
Loop Powered Meter
Model D2040 Loop Powered Meter
Industrial Printers
Model 6700 Thermal Printers
Model 6800 Thermal Printers
DigiTec Temperature Controllers
PID Temperature Controller
1/16 DIN Analog Temperature Controllers
DigiTec Tachometer-Generator

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