3 1/2,Digit,Loop,Powered,Digital,Display,DigiTec,Model,3890

3 1/2 Digit Loop Powered Digital Display DigiTec Model 3890

1550 Kingston Rd. #1116
Pickering, ON
L1V 6W9
TEL: 1 800 809 7167 CDA/USA
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3 1/2 Digit Loop Powered Digital Display From DigiTec

The Digitec 3890 is a 3½-Digit loop-powered display mounted in a UL listed and FM approved NEMA 7 housing. This model is ideal for locations in hazardous areas (Class I, Group B, C, D and Class II, Group E, F, G) where no power is available.

  • NEMA 7 Explosion-Proof Enclosure
  • Easy Calibration and Installation
  • 4-20 mA

Digitec 3890 Brochure

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